Prison Break: The exact moment the series completely went bankrupt


The long-running series Prison Break is considered by many to be one of the best action drama television series of all time and was a huge success when it came out. The series did an incredible job of shaping the audience’s view of particular characters, however, most of the time, this opinion changed when its last line appeared.

The series has created some of the most memorable character performances on television and kept fans hooked throughout all five seasons. As the stories evolved, the characters evolved alongside her and this stands out entirely through her first and last lines.

You’d think a show called Prison Break would have figured out that all it had to do was exactly what it said on the tin, but in a puzzling turn of events, it quickly outlasted its concept and descended into a flamboyant shell of the me. -contained story that was meant to tell.

The show’s first season is considered one of the best television seasons of all time, and rightly so, as Michael Schofield’s intricate plot to rescue his innocent brother Lincoln Burrows from prison kept us glued to our screens throughout. year.

It’s true that the show accomplished everything it set out to do in that first year, but the fact is, it wasn’t built to last, and it’s unfortunate that Fox never realized that because season two began documenting their lives on the show. career, with each episode making its title less and less relevant. And as the show progressed, one or both of the brothers were in and out of different prisons in a desperate attempt to make that title mean something once again, but it just wasn’t meat to be.

While that first season will always be considered among the best television seasons, Prison Break as a whole would have maintained its reputation as one of the best television shows ever had it not continued beyond. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen many times before, its popularity was ultimately its undoing.