Print multiple pages on a single sheet directly from Firefox


The web browser has become the tool most used by most people when they sit at the computer. Besides being the necessary application to surf the Internet, it allows you to open PDF documents or even send these documents or other content to the printer. Well, if you are one of those who use Mozilla Firefox, we are going to show how to print several pages on the same sheet from the browser itself.

Normally, to make this type of print settings it is necessary to use tools designed for this purpose, but nothing is more comfortable than being able to do it directly from the browser. Specifically, Firefox has added new functionalities in the print window and now allows the option of printing several pages on the same sheet.

Steps to follow to print multiple pages on a single sheet from Firefox

To do this, all we have to do is open the print window by pressing the Ctrl + P key combination or open the browser menu and select the Print option. To have access to the new functions, we will have to click on the More settings option that is displayed in the print dialog box.

This is where we will find the option that allows us to print several pages per sheet and how useful it is on many occasions to be able to carry a lot of documentation in a few sheets. With the simple fact of clicking on this option, we will see that it will allow us to choose the number of pages that we want to print on a sheet. Therefore, all we have to do is select the option we want and press the Print button.

If before pressing the Print option in the browser we had selected part of a text, then we will also see that we are offered the possibility of printing only the selection.

This function has been included in the Nightly version of Mozilla’s web browser, so if you don’t have it, you won’t be able to access these options. Now, from the company’s own website it is possible to download this version to enjoy them. If you are one of those who prefer not to use beta versions, then you will have no choice but to wait for this feature to be released with the next version of Firefox 85.

A version that on the other hand, will be available to everyone next week, so it will be available to everyone very soon. If you do not know what version of Firefox you have installed on your computer, all we have to do is open a browser window and from the menu button, enter Help> About Firefox and a window will be shown where we can see the version exact we have.


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