How to print on iPhone 11


The print is a feature that allows you to capture the screen displayed by the cell phone. The function is useful for saving images and information directly in the photo gallery without needing an internet connection. This procedure is usually intuitive. However, as the design of the iPhone 11 has changed, some users may be confused when taking a screenshot.

With the final exit of the Home button on Apple phones, the process for taking screenshots was different. The procedure was done with iOS 13.3.1, but the tips also apply to other versions of the operating system. Check out the step by step how to print on iPhone 11 below.

Step 1. Open the screen you want to capture. Then press the side button and the volume up button at the same time. Then, quickly release the two buttons.

Step 2. After making the print, a thumbnail will be displayed temporarily in the lower left corner of the screen. While it’s visible, you can touch it to open the photo or swipe left to discard it. If you do nothing, the image is automatically saved to the photo gallery.

Step 3. When touching the thumbnail, the image editor opens. It is possible to use the colored cutting tools, pen, pencil and highlighter to resize, draw or annotate the image.

Step 4. In the image editor screen it is already possible to share the print with your contacts. Just tap the share icon at the top of the screen. Then, just select how you want to send the image.

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Step 5. Then, just select how you want to share the captured image. Apps like WhatsApp automatically appear among the options.


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