Princess Kate has these royal role models in her upbringing


Princess Kate (40) is inspired by other parents in her upbringing! Together with her husband Prince William (40 years old), the Briton takes care of her children Prince Louis (4 years old), Princess Charlotte (7 years old) and Prince George (9 years old). These three are always perceived by the public as well-mannered offspring of the Cambridges. An insider now says they know Kate’s upbringing is based on royal role models!

In her book “New Members of the Royal Family: the Legacy of Queen Elizabeth and the Future of the Crown,” author Katie Nicholl argues that Kate wants to raise her children in the same way as 57-year-old Sophie of Wessex and 58-year-old Prince Edward: “Kate should admire how Prince Edward and his wife Sophie raise their children — Lady Louise Windsor, 18, and James, Viscount Severn, 14, are in the bosom of the royal family, prepared for life in the real world.” If possible, they would hide their children from prying eyes and allow them to lead a completely “normal” life.

For example, they say that this summer Louise worked in a garden center for a minimum wage. She accepted the job while awaiting final grades, which earned her a place at the prestigious University of St. Andrews. It has not yet been confirmed whether she will pursue a civilian profession after graduation.


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