Princess Diana treated the staff better than Meghan!


There should be worlds between Princess Diana (3636) and Duchess Meghan (41)! Prince Harry’s wife (38 years old) was accused of mistreating the royal family in early 2021. Therefore, an investigation was launched against her — just three months ago, a decision was made in favor of the American woman. Nevertheless, the mother of two children could not clear her image from the accusations of bullying: the expert compared Megan’s treatment of the staff with Diana’s treatment and found a big difference!

Royal expert Kinsey Schofield has now pointed out that the “Princess of Hearts and Suits” actress had completely different ways of dealing with royal staff. “Diana went to the staff houses for tea. She came with gifts,” the specialist told Fox News, adding that the Princess of Wales even apologized when she left something sloppy. Megan, however, is said to have chosen a different tone: she was very strict and even angry at the staff. According to the expert, she allegedly treated employees from above.

According to Kinsey, the 41-year-old acted out of fear that she would not be taken seriously at the palace. However, she went a little overboard with her affairs. “You work for the royal family because you admire the royal family […]. Modest pay, of course, is not worth any cruelty,” said the royal expert.


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