Princess Athena of Denmark was bullied after she was stripped of her title


Did Queen Margrethe of Denmark (82 years old) take this into account when making a decision? A few days ago, the Danish monarch announced that the four children of her son Prince Joachim (53) will be stripped of their titles for the New Year. He has already given vent to his anger in the media. Now his wife, Princess Maria of Denmark, also spoke. She condemned that her daughter Athena is now being brought up at school because of the deprivation of her title.

“Athena is being bullied at school,” said the daughter—in—law of the Danish Queen B.T. “They come and say, ‘Aren’t you a princess anymore?'” the mother of four continued. The Princess also condemned the 82-year-old man’s decision and stressed that she and Joachim do not have time to prepare their offspring for him. “The children were put on public display and in a very short time,” she criticized.

Her husband was also concerned about the welfare of his offspring in an interview. “Children feel deprived. They can’t understand why they are being stripped of their identity,” the 53—year-old told Danish newspaper B.T.S.


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