Prince William’s grave concern at British weight gain


The heir to the throne cannot hide his anguish.

Although many took it as a joke, Prince William referred to his serious concern about the possibility that British citizens begin to gain weight in the middle of the quarantine, especially because, as he himself detailed, he has also seen an increase in the sizes of his clothes in relation to the measures he used to take three months ago, when there were no confinement measures.

In this sense, the eldest son of Carlos de Gales referred to this aspect during the conversation he had last Tuesday with workers and doctors from the East London Ambulance Service, where he pointed out that, the fact of spending more time in Confinement makes people have much more leisure time in which baking cakes and other homemade sweets are some of the main tasks of families.

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Thank you to the staff of Kings Lynn Ambulance, Queen Elizabeth Hospital for welcoming The Duke of Cambridge to their ambulance station, and sharing so candidly their experiences over recent months in responding to the COVID-19 outbreak. The Duke heard from the crew about their impact on mental health and wellbeing, the support they have received from members of the public and local businesses, as well as help from volunteering networks. The England Ambulance Service Trust (@EastEnglandAmb) provides round-the-clock accident and emergency services to 6.2 million people living in the East of England, operating over 130 sites and working closely with other blue lights partners to ensure that every patient receives the best possible care. In April this year, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge supported the launch of @ourfrontlineuk, an initiative that was created to provide round-the-clock mental health and bereavement support to frontline staff and key workers.

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Prince William then stated that the waist of the British nation would be some of his top priorities in view of the abundance of so many chocolates and other goodies that do nothing but calm people’s anxiety. In fact, the heir to the throne confessed that he himself has been cooking much more in the comfort of his home, since chocolate is one of his favorite sweets.

The lively talk that Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson took part in is part of a sudden visit this week when, following the example of her peers in the British monarchy or in the Dutch monarchy, she decided to fill herself with courage and get out of the confinement, to follow much more closely what happens in each of the sectors of the population that have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.


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