Prince William is thrilled to remember his late mother Princess Diana in a heartfelt speech: “Those we have lost are not forgotten”


Attending the official opening of the memorial at Manchester Arena, Prince William spoke frankly about his personal journey with grief.

“It is very important for Ekaterina and me that we are here with you today. To remember the 22 lives so cruelly taken away. To recognize the hundreds of lives that have been irrevocably changed and to pay tribute to the resilience of this great city,” said William, 39, joined by his wife Duchess Kate, during a heartfelt speech on Tuesday, March 10. “I remember only too well the shock and grief on the faces of those I met when I visited Manchester in the days after the atrocity.”

The Duke of Cambridge noted that he knew that “pain and trauma” did not go away after the explosion in 2017, which occurred during an Ariana Grande concert and claimed the lives of 22 people. “As a person who lives with his grief, I also know that for the bereaved, it is often most important that those we have lost are not forgotten,” he continued. There is solace in memories. In recognition of the fact that, despite the terrible wound, they survived. They changed our lives.”

William added: “They were loved and loved. That’s why monuments like the “Glade of Light” are so important. Why Catherine and I wanted to be among you today so much. And we remember the entire Manchester community who responded in the most sincere and life-affirming way to support the victims.”

The British native urged everyone to keep the victims and their families in their hearts, saying: “That day you told each other that you would not look back in anger. And you have shown the world the true heart of this unusual place. So, when we come to this memorial, let’s look back with love at those we have lost.”

Over the years, William has openly talked about how to cope with the loss of his mother, Princess Diana. In August 1997, the late Princess of Wales died at the age of 36, having been injured in a car accident in Paris. At the time of her death, William was 15 years old, and his younger brother Prince Harry was 12.

“You’re slowly trying to rebuild your life, trying to understand what happened. I have also been busy to let you go through this initial phase of shock. We’re talking maybe five to seven years later,” William shared during the 2017 HBO documentary “Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy.” “You know, there were times when you turned to someone or something for strength and I really felt that she was next to me.”

In July 2021, 37-year-old William and Harry honored the memory of their late mother with a statue they commissioned 20 years after her death.

“Today, when our mother would have turned 60, we remember her love, strength and character — qualities that made her a force for good around the world, changing countless lives for the better,” the brothers said in a joint statement during their reunion at Kensington Palace in London for the opening. “Every day we want her to still be with us, and we hope that this statue will forever remain a symbol of her life and her legacy.”