Prince William gave insight into his fourth season


The season just dropped, but critics are already calling it the show’s best broadcast yet, praising the performances of Emma Corrin and Gillian Anderson who stole the scene as Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher.

Meanwhile, fans can’t stop talking on social media about the season and Corrin’s introduction as Princess Diana.

Although fans love the season, the same cannot be said for Prince William and the royal family, who have a long history of disapproving of the series and its portrayal of their family. While audiences can’t get enough of The Crown, Prince William and the royal family are far from being fans of the show.

In fact, Prince William has such a strong disdain for the series that he was reportedly furious that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle crawled into bed with the company behind the show to strike a production deal with Netflix.

“William and other royals are incredibly uncomfortable with this drama and Harry is now partnering with the company that is broadcasting it.”

In other words, don’t expect William to be tuning in to season 4 right now. On the other hand, Prince William is not only not a fan of the series, but neither is his grandmother, the queen, or the royal family.

The queen even published a statement where she made it quite clear that the monarchy was not associated with the show in any way or endorsed the series.

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