Prince of Persia Remake may be introduced next week!


The future of the Prince of Persia series, which has been in silence for a long time, is expected with great interest. Although it is a beloved and awaited game, the Prince of Persia, which has not been featured by Ubisoft for a long time, may soon fall into the game world like a bomb. Here are the claims about Prince of Persia Remake!

Prince of Persia is back with Remake!

PoP: Sands of Time Remake may be introduced at the Ubisoft Forward event planned to be held next week, according to the allegations made. Until today, many claims have been made about the production and these claims have been inconclusive. Ubisoft has not made any statements about whether the game has been developed.

The game, which appeared at the Guatemalan retailer MAX in recent months, was also supported by the well-known author Jason Schreier. Now on the ResetEra forum, a person claiming to be a Capcom employee claimed that the new game of the Prince of Persia will be introduced at the Ubisoft Forward event next week. Of course, there is no official statement from Ubisoft for now. In the following days, it will be revealed how true these claims are.

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