Prince Harry’s Biographer tells of the Snub that Infuriated the Duke during the anniversary visit


The platinum jubilee weekend was dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II and her incredible 70-year reign. But the monarch did not attend the prayer service in her honor at St. Paul’s Cathedral on June 3, and on that day all eyes were on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

It was the first time the Duke and Duchess of Sussex appeared together in the country as non-working members of the royal family. Everyone was wondering what kind of reception they would receive from the public and what their demotion would look like. Well, we got the answer, and now Harry’s biographer says the prince was “absolutely furious” about what happened inside the church.

The author claims that Prince Harry “struggled with tears” during a previous event as a high-ranking member of the royal family.

The last engagement that Harry and Meghan attended as senior members of the royal family was the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey on March 9, 2020. The Sussex were told they would not be part of the procession. In the procession, usually all high-ranking family members follow the Queen through the abbey before the service begins.

Lacey wrote that “2,000 service orders have already been distributed across the abbey, explaining that William and Kate will enter and handle the main royal group — and not mentioning Harry and Meghan at all. So, the black-and—white disparaging inscription is put on public display.”

“During the service, Meghan showed off her best TV smile, but as the ceremony went on, Harry seemed to get darker,” Lacey clarified (according to the Express). According to one observer, “his accelerated blinking even suggested that he might have been struggling with tears.”

Harry’s biographer says he was “absolutely furious” over the latest insult.

A little over two years later, and now he’s not working for the royal family, there was another snub, and according to Angela Levine, who spent time with the Duke when she wrote Harry: A Biography of the Prince, he was “absolutely furious” about it. .

For the thanksgiving service, Harry and Meghan were moved to the opposite side of the church from Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Charles and took seats in the second row.

GB News presenter Alastair Stewart said the seating arrangement was a clear snub from senior members of the royal family. “[Meghan and Harry] were in the second row, not behind the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge, but in the second row even behind people like the Wessex,” she explained. “He wouldn’t have been there if the Queen didn’t want him there, but for me it was a visual insult. Then Stewart noted: “It wasn’t a complete disregard. They got a real royal car, and they were escorted to the altar.”

But as for their seats in the second row, Levin believes that the Sussex were clearly seething.

“If you look at Harry’s face, I spent a year with him when I was writing his biography. He wears his expressions and feelings on his face, and he was absolutely furious,” Levin said (according to Express).

Then one of the panelists Norman Baker asked: “Because they were in the second row?” to which Levin replied: “Yes, they got mad. He was furious, he had to lift people to move. He was very angry.”

Another royal commentator disagreed and believes Harry was “happy” about it.

However, royal commentator Celia Walden categorically disagreed with Levin’s statement. In fact, she thinks that the Duke of Sussex was not “furious” at all, but was actually “pleased” with where he was assigned to sit in the cathedral; far from his brother and father.

In a column for the Telegraph, Walden wrote that despite being thrown on the other side of the church in the past, it might have bothered him and Meghan, Harry is probably “happy” about it now.

“There must have been a time when being kicked out of the front row would have made Harry and Meghan suffer. Well, at least Megan,” Vaden said. “Right or wrong, I’ve always assumed that while Duchess Garbo’s ‘I want to be alone’ act is just that, Harry is probably genuinely happy to be transferred to the second—tier royal family.”