Prince Harry Wants to Replace His Brother Prince William As Monarch? The Royal Expert Enters The Fray


There are many assumptions and concerns about Prince Harry’s memoirs. The book, due out on January 10, will determine the future of the relationship between the Duke and the royal family. Meanwhile, reports suggest that the memoir will be tough for Prince William, as Prince Harry may go into details of the sibling rivalry.


The name Spare also hints at the same thing. Since childhood, the Sussex royal has played second fiddle to her older brother Prince William. The British media often referred to the brothers as heirs and reserves. Interestingly, in the documentary series, it was the Prince of Wales who took the brunt of the anger of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Looking at the constant attacks on the future king, royal expert Jenny Bond reflected on the Duke’s thought process.

The royal expert gave her two cents on Prince Harry

Speaking to GB News, Jenny Bond reflected on the feud between Prince Harry and Prince William. She believes sibling rivalry is extremely common, but it’s hard to understand exactly what the Duke of Sussex wants from the royal family. Clarifying the possibility that the prince wants to take the throne, the royal expert said that he would not like to have his wings clipped even more after he becomes monarch.

“So, what did Harry want?” Did he want the fate in which William was born? Does he want to be king? I think not. He doesn’t really like how the institution of our monarchy works,” Bond said in a frank conversation.

The royal commentator went on to give an example of how the Queen Mother was devastated when her husband George VI received the crown. The late king was the second by birth, but became monarch after the removal of Edward VIII from the throne. Referring to the story, Bond claimed that Prince Harry would never be happy to be king.

Meanwhile, on the eve of the publication of his memoirs, Prince Harry made a revelation that he wants his brother and father back. However, the chances of reconciliation between Prince William and his younger brother are slim after the Sussex public drama.

Do you want Prince Harry and Prince William to resolve their differences in the near future? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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