Prince Harry refuses to talk about The Crown!


Meghan Markle’s darling, Prince Harry, does not want to appear in The Crown! The latter will do everything not to be there!

Meghan Markle and Harry continue to be talked about! The couple, and especially the Prince, refuse to appear in the hit series The Crown!

While the fourth season of the Netflix series has just been released, we already have the first reactions! Indeed, fans have discovered William and Harry’s mother played by Emma Corrin!

And as much to say to you that Lady D still makes so much buzz, even 23 years after her death… A real tragedy!

Regardless, The Crown traces the love story between Meghan Markle’s stepfather and her late wife … and fans have seen several similarities between the two women!

What to please Harry who always takes her mother as a model! Mourning must have been difficult for him …

It’s a pain that doesn’t heal and given how the show describes her mother, Meghan Markle’s darling is yet to speak badly of The Crown! Ouch!


The Prince announced two years ago that he would not want The Crown to be interested in him and Meghan Markle! A lot of info for the series which will therefore have to be careful not to mention the Prince …

Still, the exercise will be rather difficult … Indeed, the Netflix production is interested in the royal family in its entirety!

Plus, it would be super interesting to see all the issues around him and his brother! In short, we hope the Prince will change his mind!

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Indeed, some have a little hope given that he signed a big deal with Netflix this summer! Yet Meghan Markle’s sweetheart doesn’t seem to enjoy the series and the painting of his family …

In short, business to follow!


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