Who are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s neighbors in Beverly Hills?


The former royal family seems to have guaranteed security in their new neighborhood.

If Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, knew very well when they landed in the city of Los Angeles, it was that exclusivity should be the main synonym of their lifestyle. Rather, it should be demonstrated by the exclusive neighborhood in which they live and where they have as neighbors nothing more and nothing less than Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas and Tom Hanks, which should stop being a novelty for both, taking into account that this would be their new normal until they decide to move or buy a mansion different from the one they now inhabit.

And it is that the luxurious estate that belongs to actor Tyler Perry is located in Beverly Ridge Estates, a luxurious neighborhood of Beverly Hills that has already guaranteed you the security that the Duke of Sussex and his wife deserve , since their arrival. During their walks in the area, the family could meet Cameron Díaz, Nicole Kidman, Adele or even Hilary Duff, who bought an exclusive property in this place. However, it was learned that Harry and Meghan decided to live there because it is a luxurious place where their friends are also.


In the same residential space in Los Angeles is the millionaire home of Serena Williams, who appears as one of the best friends of Meghan Markle and her proximity gives the Duchess of Sussex more tranquility. Similarly, the Dukes are also neighbors of Sir Elton John, one of the artists who has most publicly supported Prince Harry and his wife. In addition, he was Lady Di’s best friend and his protection has been extended to Prince Charles’ youngest son.

Thus, the security with which both Harry and Meghan have guaranteed security in the corridors of Hollywood is registered. And it is that if something was missing the former actress was the life she led in the United States, so close to the world of cinema and television and from which she had to be detached as soon as she married Prince Harry. However, it is he who must seek a new orientation in his life, now that he is away from the family he grew up with and even further from his home.



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