Prince Harry and Meghan Markle isolated: members of the royal family ignore them completely


Tensions persist between Harry, Meghan and the other members of the royal family. Since the broadcast of the documentary Harry & Meghan, an African journey on British television, in which the couple expressed their difficulties, nothing has changed …

Times are tough for the Sussex. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, living in Frogmore Cottage and therefore already geographically isolated from the royal family, are increasingly moving away from the other members of the crown. Since the interview for the documentary Harry & Meghan, an African journey, broadcast on British television and during which they confided on their difficulties to regularly receive green wood shutters from the media and their detractors, relatives of couple do not consider it necessary to hear from Archie’s young parents, despite this clearly expressed distress.

According to a People magazine source, there is tension in relations between the Sussex and the royal family. During the documentary, Meghan Markle lamented that nobody cares about their difficulties, and according to the informant, “nothing has changed since then”. “They do not talk to each other, nobody gives each other news or sends messages to know if everything is all right,” he explains.

“A strange family”, according to a royal biographer
For Prince Harry, the quarrel between the two brothers further reinforces his feeling of being isolated. Can we hope for an upcoming reconciliation? “From a strictly human point of view, without considering everything else, I do not think they are in a good mood for that,” says a relative, who is counting on the Christmas break to get off to a good start . “Everyone is hoping they’ll come back stronger than before, maybe this break away from the spotlight will put their ideas back into place.”

Then a royal biographer, Penny Junor, to blame the distances taken between the different members: “It’s a strange family, no one supports himself, he judges, always with People.They do not congratulate, do not ‘never call to say for example’ Your speech was great ‘”.


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