Prince Harry: a famous French journalist would have made him “smoke shit”!


Prince Harry has already proved more than once that he knows how to amuse himself. This time it is with a French journalist that the young member of the Royal family would have had a good time?

When it comes to transgressing the rules imposed by the Royal family, Prince Harry always responds! Moreover, the young man proved it by marrying his dear and tender. A union which, at the beginning, was not really accepted by the sovereign. But what did the handsome Harry do this time? Well, the answer is simple! He allegedly smoked drugs with a famous French journalist …

A Frenchie that you know well since it is the sweet voice that wakes you in the morning on France Inter. The only, the only Augustin Trapenard! Indeed, before becoming a famous radio host, the critic of 40 years had a completely different job. A job that could also surprise more than one! And yes, before knowing the celebrity, Augustin Trapenard chained the hours of class.

Thus, he taught several years at the ENS (Ecole Normale Supérieure ed) of Lyon and the college of Eton! A professor of English and American literature, the journalist also had the opportunity to walk the grounds of Oxford University! During these beautiful years, Augustine was able to cross the road of another celebrity … Prince Harry himself!

Turbulent, party-goer and fiery, Augustin keeps a very precise memory of the young man. He then tells Têttu: “It’s funny because he was gauler smoking shit and all my friends called me saying,” Admit, it’s you who made the prince smoke ! That says a lot about my reputation! So I say it once and for all: no! In addition, the prince chose drawing rather than French, I did not even have as student. ” Pity…


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