Prince Harry and Prince William still in the cold war?


With Prince Harry and Prince William on the cold for months, could their war impact the monarchy forever?

A conflict impossible to overcome? Yes the meltynauts, for a few months, the dialogue seems completely broken between the two brothers who were however so close. If many accuse Meghan Markle of being responsible for the distance that has widened between them, things unfortunately seem much more complex. While the couple may well find their place in the royal family for some surprising reason, know that a former employee of Buckingham Palace today claims their conflict is far bigger than people can imagine: “If the tensions do not ease quickly between them, it would be catastrophic.”

He went on to tell the Daily Mail: “It would be worse than anything we’ve known so far. Worse than Lady Diana’s death. It will be one of the traumas that will change the English monarchy forever. It will be one of the traumas that will change the English monarchy forever. is time to try to work things out between them but at the moment the Palace is not working to improve the situation. It has not even managed to properly handle the arrival of Meghan Markle. She would never have succeeded in fit into the royal routine. If they had sat down with her to find out what interested and what she wanted, everything would have turned out differently. ” It remains to be seen whether the two brothers will be able to reconcile. In the meantime, know that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would be ready to welcome their second child.


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