Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Getting Ready to Post a Photo of Archie’s Birthday at The Coronation of King Charles?


It would not be wrong to say that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now the most popular people on the Internet. With the release of the Netflix documentary series “Harry and Meghan” and Prince Harry’s memoir “Spare”, the couple made sure that their story was heard all over the world.

With new theories and revelations emerging every day, this couple is doing their best to earn all the fame. A new version has appeared on the same link, where sources claim that the couple is planning something grandiose for the date of King Charles’ coronation.

Are Harry and Meghan planning to attract more attention?

One of the main things Prince Harry and Meghan Markle focused on in their mournful stories was their children. They showed how difficult it was for them to cope with their eldest child Archie, the pandemic and another child on the way when they left Britain. Megan also revealed that she had a miscarriage before the birth of their youngest Lilibet.

When the couple told their story in the series, they definitely clarified one point: their children will grow up in a free world. And since Archie’s fourth birthday is approaching on May 6, they plan to publish his birthday photos. However, the only twist in this story is that the official coronation of King Charles will take place on the same day.

According to Geo News, royal fans believe that the couple can officially publish photos of their son on his birthday on the same day that King Charles will be crowned. Fans also claim that Archie’s birthday will be the perfect excuse for the couple not to attend the ceremony. The choice of the coronation date is still unclear. Although this will happen eight months after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Preparations for the big event began in six months. Many famous celebrities have received invitations to the big event and will take part in the “big dinner” and royal processions. Although it is still unclear whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will attend this event or not.

If you are interested in learning about the real life of this former royal couple, you can watch their documentary series “Harry and Meghan” on Netflix.


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