Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Failing at Their Own Game As They Get More Reputation Damage Compared to The Royal Family


After the entry of Meghan Markle, an American actress, into the royal family, people have a new interest in the royal family. The British monarchy has always been in the media, but it has never been like this. If Meghan Markle’s entrance attracted attention, then Meghan Markle’s departure along with her husband, Prince Harry, was a completely different level. Megxit remains one of the most discussed topics of all time today. Moreover, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry decided that there was not enough way out and that they wanted the world to know about the injustice they suffered.

And to say that all ears were alert would be an understatement, given that both Oprah’s interview and the documentary attracted a lot of viewers. However, the release of the memoir may have been the last part that caused Jenga to collapse, because Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are losing relevance not only in the United Kingdom, but also in their current empire, the United States.

The popularity of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry has plummeted.

There was not the slightest doubt that Markle and Prince Harry attracted more attention than the Prince of the Princess of Wales in his time in the royal family. And the same thing followed after they left. When Markle and Prince Harry talked about how the royal family left them without safety and under threat of danger after their departure, many sympathized with them. Especially with Markle, who claimed that the royal family is concerned about the color of her unborn child. This sympathy, which became a similarity, helped Markle and Prince Harry to become one of the most popular people in the world.

Then there was a Netflix documentary in which Markle also admitted that she was “suicidal,” and Prince Harry said that he was not a good enough husband for Markle.

And this sympathy, ironically, combined with a certain degree of closeness to the couple, made them even more popular. However, the release of Prince Harry’s long-awaited memoir “Spare” turned out to be an obstacle on this path.

Prince Harry please

— Wengel (@wengell) January 5, 2023

An Ipsos Mori poll showed that Kate Middleton and Prince William have become more popular than a couple. It didn’t take long for the memoirs to become bestsellers, but it also didn’t take long for them to be recognized as a lie.

This led to many inaccuracies, the most popular of which was the one in which he claimed that his wife had booked a first-class Air New Zealand flight, and the airline did not hold back, stating this inaccuracy.

It also led to Prince Harry and his memoirs becoming the subject of an online meme festival where people tell the strangest things and claim that the prince said it in his memoirs.

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