Prince Harry absolutely wanted to take Archie away from royalty


Here is a defection that makes people talk about it! Now that the Megxit is official, it is Prince Harry who confides in Archie.

This is new information about the desertion of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ! Indeed, a relative of the couple confides that the decision is intended to protect the little Archie .

The Megxit has been shaking the web for a few weeks now. Since Prince Harry and his wife announced they wanted to leave the royal family, the tabloids have been panicking. R umeurs multiply. Why now ? One of the most insistent would like that Meghan Markle was fed up with criticism and racism.

Other rumors are that the scandal surrounding Prince Andrew hastened the couple’s departure. He would not have wished to be associated with such sexual assaults. But it was especially little Archie who would have pushed his parents to take off . There are rumors that it is to keep him away from the royal family that Prince Harry and Meghan made such a decision .

It was the famous primatologist Jane Goodall who made this revelation . She is indeed very close to Prince Harry and Meghan. She had even been designated by the latter to be one of the “ forces for change ” of the British edition of Vogue magazine .

” I know Prince Harry felt really compelled and desperately wanted to see little Archie grow away from pomp and royalty ,” she said in a radio broadcast. His comments were later echoed by the tabloid The Sun . It would therefore be to protect his son that he would have decided to turn to Canada. Will time prove him right? Considering how the paparazzi panic, that remains to be seen!