Prince Charles finally gave details about what he lived


Queen Elizabeth’s son spoke bluntly.

Prince Charles finally spoke about the disease for which he was isolated for a time, since in March he was diagnosed with coronavirus at 71, which implied a great risk for the royal family.

The heir to the throne explained the slight symptoms he felt during this time through an interview on Sky News, in a series in which they show who went through this diagnosis and the way they overcame it.

According to his account, he spent seven days following the advice of the doctors to the letter and maintained that what he lived does not compare with what other people go through:

“I was lucky in my case and got out of it pretty lightly. But I’ve had it and I can understand what other people have been through. ”

In this sense, he stressed that he regrets that many have lost their loved ones and that they have not even been able to say goodbye to them , so he called to reflection with the following words:

“People have begun to realize that we have to put nature back at the center of everything we do and put it at the center of our economy.”

Also the father of Harry and William highlighted that if there is no awareness of this situation, worse things may come in the future:

“The more we erode the natural world, the more we destroy biodiversity, the more we expose ourselves to this type of danger (…) It is only catastrophes that concentrate the mind, which means that, for once, there could be a real impetus to tackle all these things that have been pushed aside because someone once said they were not relevant. ”


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