Prince Charles extremely jealous of Lady Diana?


According to old confidences of Lady Diana, Prince Charles was particularly jealous of her. The revelations follow on the past of the royal family of England.

According to the words of a royal expert, Prince Charles was forced to marry Lady Diana by his father Prince Philip. At the time, the heir to the British crown loved another, in the person of Camilla Parker-Bowles, now his companion. But their love was not accepted by Queen Elizabeth II. The parents of William and Harry therefore lived a romance as unhappy as it was tumultuous, before officially divorcing in 1996. A year earlier, the Princess of Wales had made a shock interview for the BBC. Questioned by journalist Martin Bashir, she did not hesitate to reveal the sickly jealousy that her husband felt towards her and his great popularity with the citizens of the country.

During this interview, Lady Diana said that when she was on an official trip with Prince Charles, the public preferred to greet her rather than her husband. A more than delicate situation: “If you are a man like my husband, a proud man, you are annoyed by this, especially if you hear these remarks every day for four weeks. I was very uncomfortable, c ‘was very unfair to me because I wanted us to share the light. I was not particularly flattered by the attention because with the media whirlwind, there was a lot of jealousy, a lot of situations complicated arose because of it. ” Very sad confidences. And these are not the only ones as it seems that Lady Diana was abandoned by Prince Charles right after Prince Harry was born.

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