Primordial: Why Klaus and Hayley would be perfect together (why they would never work together)


The recent finale of the series “Legacy” was the perfect ending for Hope and the Michaelson family. Hope’s story began when Klaus and Hayley spent one night in The Vampire Diaries before the events of Primordial brought them together again. The two of them have experienced many ups and downs, but they have never been a romantic couple, despite their short period of “will-not-be” in previous seasons.

However, they have always had a lot in common and an undeniable chemistry that has not escaped the attention of fans. Unfortunately, the show didn’t end on a good note for any of these characters, and fans could only wonder what would have happened if they had really gotten together.

Won’t work
They had a rough start

Klaus and Hayley met back in Mystic Falls during season 4 of The Vampire Diaries, when she helped his hybrids sever their kinship with him, so it wasn’t exactly a good start. To make matters worse, when Klaus found out about Hayley’s pregnancy, his reaction was far from perfect. He threw what can only be called a tantrum before fleeing the scene and letting Elijah clean up the mess.

And even after he accepted the pregnancy, he still spent most of those nine months waging wars against Marcel and the witches, instead of ensuring the safety of their child. Although he recovered quickly and changed his behavior, this does not erase his past actions.

Elijah was in love with Hayley

The Vampire Diaries franchise is well known for its epic love triangles, but when it came to Primordial, the writers took a different approach. Despite the fact that Hayley and Klaus had a child together, it was clear from the very beginning that they had no romantic feelings for each other. Instead, Hayley began to get closer to Elijah.

This destroyed any potential of Clayley, despite the fact that some fans thought that Haley had much more chemistry with Klaus than with Elijah. In fact, most fans thought that the dynamic between the three of them was too weird and – the main drawback The firstborn.

Klaus cursed Hayley and the half moons

In the second season, the Michaelsons faced a whole new threat when Dahlia came to New Orleans to pick up Hope. Maybe Klaus and Hayley both made the wrong decisions in The Ancients, desperate to protect their daughter. But while Hayley was wrong to let Elijah endlessly stab Klaus and run away with their child, Klaus lost all his rights to complain because of how he reciprocated.

He went too far when he forced Dahlia to put a curse on the entire pack, including Hayley. They turned into their wolf forms and could not turn back, becoming human only on the night of the full moon. Despite the fact that they eventually forgave each other, it cannot be denied that this drove a wedge between them and made it difficult to trust each other.

They were better as friends

While many fans are convinced that the love story between the two characters will be epic, others thought their friendship was enough. It was clear that these two cared deeply about each other and loved each other in their own way.

Nevertheless, it was nice to see a platonic relationship between them, since not all relationships should end in romance. After all, soulmates aren’t always lovers, and Klaus and Hayley’s relationship is a perfect example of this, as they had one of the strongest friendships in the Vampire Diaries universe.

They will fight too much

The fact that they were very similar to each other made a big difference to their friendship, but in a romantic relationship it would work against them. The problem was that they were too similar. Given that they were both quite stubborn, short-tempered and distrustful, it’s easy to assume that their relationship would have been riddled with countless quarrels.

Their arguments and fights were already endless, especially in earlier seasons, when some fights became one of the most iconic scenes of the show. There have been a lot of ups and downs in their relationship, and they would only get worse if romance and jealousy were added to them.

Perfect together
They can always count on each other

The heroes of “Primordial” faced many difficulties, but they could always count on each other’s support in difficult times. Klaus and Hayley understood each other better than anyone else and knew exactly what the other needed to hear.

For example, when Hayley was struggling to come to terms with her transformation, Klaus was the one who helped her through it and encouraged her to regain her place as the queen of the Crescent Moons. Meanwhile, after Kami’s death, it was Hayley who helped Klaus through his grief.

Their goals are the same

There were so many threats that separated them and made the relationship between them quite complicated.