Prime Video now collects from other streams in Brazil


Amazon brought Prime Video’s channel system to Brazil, which aggregates content from other platforms into the streaming service. To access extra series and films, however, it is necessary to pay an additional fee.

Amazon Prime Video Channels is available with content from StarzPlay, MGM, Looke, Noggin and Paramount + services. The catalog of each source can be accessed on the platform’s channel tab, as well as on the homepage.

The channels can be contracted separately, but each has a fixed monthly fee. The Noggin children’s content platform is the most accessible among the options and costs R $ 9.50 per month; the most expensive alternatives are R $ 19.90 per month. The user can try any content source for 7 days free of charge.

Content aggregator

It is important to note that the price does not include the Prime Video monthly fee, which can be contracted for R $ 9.90 with the Amazon Prime subscription. The service has an annual plan of R $ 89, which drops the amount to R $ 7.42 per month.

During tests performed with the functionality, Amazon even made HBO’s programming available within the platform, but the channel is not available in the final version of the function, at least for now.


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