Prime Minister Annen: ‘Trump’s Mobility Underestimated’


According to SPD politician Niels Annen, election researchers and observers underestimated the ability of US President Donald Trump to mobilize. Ultimately, after the 2016 elections, the Minister of State in the Foreign Office said in an interview with “Deutschlandfunk” on Wednesday morning. At this point in time, Trump and his challenger Joe Biden were still in an open head-to-head race in the presidential election. In polls before election night, Biden was consistently several percentage points ahead of Trump.

The USA remains independent of the election result and despite the “indeed tense and difficult last four years” the most important partner, ally and friend, stressed Annen. American democracy has already overcome many crises, but it can be assumed that this tradition will be subjected to a “real stress test” in this election. “It is our expectation – and it is addressed to all sides – that the legitimacy of the electoral process is not questioned,” said Annen. That is crucial for a democracy.

US President Donald Trump had spoken of “fraud” on Wednesday morning in view of the delay in an election result in the US election. Trump announced he would go to the US Supreme Court to stop another vote count./trö/DP/jha


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