Prices of RTX 3070, RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 are revealed


The revelation of the RTX 3000 series generated a lot of interest in enthusiasts for the best GPU on the market, but Brazilian fans still didn’t know what the price of this new Nvidia technology would be, at least until today!

According to the Brazilian website Adrenaline, which guarantees to have obtained the information from reliable sources that preferred to remain anonymous, there is already a price in reais scheduled for the Brazilian market: the RTX 3070 will cost R $ 4,000, the RTX 3080 will cost R $ 5,500, while the powerful RTX 3090 will require an investment of R $ 11,500.

Today, at 10 am, sales of partner versions of the RTX 3080 began, the same time that the embargoes for analysis of the plates fell, which were very positive. We have a very complete article about this line of plates with Ampere architecture, which you can access here.

What did you think of the RTX 3000 prices? Are you thinking of investing in any of them? Comment below!

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