The Price Required for Billionaires to Buy Bitcoin (BTC) Announced: $288,000


Altana Digital Monetary Fund Investment Officer and Bitcoin (BTC) investor Alistair Milne stated the BTC price required for billionaires to buy Bitcoin.

Alistair Milne, an entrepreneur and investor with 26 years of experience, said that eventually billionaires will have to purchase the flagship cryptocurrency.

“Now Billionaires Who Don’t Get Bitcoin (BTC) Will Be Forced In The Future”
It may be a good thing that billionaires are not currently buying Bitcoin (BTC). Because, Mr. Milne stressed that billionaires will have to buy Bitcoin (BTC) during the new bull cycle. In addition, Milne claimed that based on the “stock-flow” model created by cryptocurrency analyst PlanB, billionaires would pick up Bitcoin from the top, ie $ 288,000. In short, it seems inevitable for billionaires to buy Bitcoin (BTC).

In Peter McCormack’s podcast “What Did Bitcoin Do” PlanB announced that the price of the cryptocurrency king would reach a crazy $ 288,000 during the 2020-2024 market cycle.

Bitcoin (BTC) for Billionaires: Complex Relations
There is no consensus among Bitcoin (BTC) expectations among the wealthy in the financial world. For example, Ray Dalio, one of the intellectual billionaires, does not think Bitcoin has any real value, while Nassim Taleb has the opposite view.

While Mr. Dalio insists that adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) will “probably never be”, the author of ‘Black Swan’ is confident that crypto and Bitcoin (BTC) are excellent tools for emerging economies.

The view among the high-tech magnates is in common. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg are very optimistic about crypto and blockchain. Dorsey is even one of the militant evangelists who accept Bitcoin (BTC).


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