Price Movement Attracted Interest on Twitter


Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) attracted the attention of many segments due to the price fluctuation in the morning. Cryptocurrencies have become the most talked about topic on social media.

Today, both Ethereum and Bitcoin entered the trend topic (TT) list on Twitter, one of the social media networks used by the cryptocurrency community.

Bitcoin Ethereum Twitter

Twitter, one of the social media platforms, is one of the networks that enthusiastically welcome the crypto money mobility. For this reason, any price increase and decrease directly draw the attention of the users. According to Twitter data, 54.6 thousand tweets were made about Bitcoin, while 14.9 thousand tweets were made about Ethereum.

Contributing to Awareness

The fact that Bitcoin and Ethereum are TT on Twitter also contributes to the recognition of cryptocurrencies. People who are not familiar with the subject are also taking a little research, wondering about the most talked about topics. This reflects positively to the crypto money market.

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