Price hike on Spotify: family plan expensive


Today, VOD platforms are everything, and it is rare who does not have an account on at least one of them. On a musical level, Spotify is the most popular when it comes to streaming music, and you can use it with an account for free. But you can also subscribe to have Premium access and enjoy advantages – like not having ads or downloading the songs.

Spotify raises the price

Right now there are up to 4 plans available:

Individual: € 9.99 / month
Duo: € 12.99 / month
Family Plan: € 14.99 / month
Students: € 4.99 / month
But apparently, one of them has changed its price, since through an official email that began to reach users today, Spotify has announced that it has raised the price of the Family Plan, which goes from cost 14.99 per month at € 15.99 / month, an increase of 1 euro that has already been made official.

More expensive Spotify Family plan

In fact, if you go to the Spotify website right now, you will see that the Family Plan already displays the new price. The change has been by surprise, and the increase has been only in that plan, which is one of the most popular on the platform because, among other things, it allows up to 6 Spotify Premium accounts – yes, “for family members who live under the same roof”.

What if you already have the Family Plan contracted? Well, as Spotify points out in the email: “we grant you an additional month with the current price. This means that the new price will be applied to your plan in the March billing ”.


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