Prey Studio is excited to work with Xbox Game Pass


In recent times, the number of studios working with content made available on the Xbox Game Pass has increased. As part of the recently acquired Bethesda, Arkane Studios (from Prey and Dishonored) is one of those that joins the team of producers that will have content on the service, which is very exciting for the team – either because of what they already have created or for what is yet to come.

“Being part of the Xbox Game Pass changes things a little for us, because we can create things with quality and still leave our mark on the service. If you look at social media, you’ll see that games like Prey and Dishonored made it to the Xbox Game Pass and many people say they’re enjoying these adventures, this is very encouraging, ”commented Dinga Bakaba, one of the production’s directors, in an interview with the website Press Start (via Eurogamer).

“The Xbox Game Pass is a service that will allow us to exercise creativity in order to have a larger audience and build a relationship over time, which is very exciting,” concluded Bakaba.


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