Prey Star Doesn’t Like Social Media, But Loves Mark Ruffalo’s Instagram


Prey star Amber Midtander reveals that while she doesn’t really like social media, she likes Mark Ruffalo’s Instagram. Created by 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg, “Prey” is the fifth film in the long-running “Predator” franchise (the seventh, if you take into account the films “Alien vs Predator”). The film takes viewers back to the early 1700s and tells the story of a Comanche female hunter named Naru (Thunderbolt), who encounters the first alien Predator to land on Earth. Prey is still a success with both the public and critics, with many praising Trachtenberg’s direction and the film’s portrayal of Comanche culture.

Midtander’s performance as Naru also received critical praise, as the character quickly established himself as one of the most subtle and interesting characters in the entire Predator franchise. Viewers can recognize the actress by her appearances with Liam Neeson in the films “Ice Road” and “The Shooter”, while others may know her from such series as “Legion” and “Roswell, New Mexico”. Since Prey exceeded the expectations of many fans, Midthunder has been relatively active on social media, responding to praise from viewers and Hollywood industry professionals who liked the new take on the Predator franchise.

In a new interview with InStyle, Midtander talks in detail about her relationship with social media, explaining that while she doesn’t care too much about them in general, Ruffalo’s Instagram account brings her special joy. Midthunder explains that Ruffalo’s sense of humor and his interactions with other MCU stars are funny, but she also likes that he is socially conscious and posts useful family content. As it turned out, Ruffalo saw Midtander’s comments and praised the “Prey” star and her advocacy for fair treatment of indigenous people in Hollywood and beyond. Check out Midthunder’s comments and Ruffalo’s uplifting tweet in response below:

“I’m not a big fan of social media in general, but I found that I spend most of my time on Instagram. But recently I got on Twitter. I love meme pages. And, to be honest, I love Mark Ruffalo’s Instagram. He’s great. He’s cool because he makes funny videos. I like the way he gets ahead of the other “Avengers” actors and puts out funny stuff, but he’s also a good source of information. Also, if you’re a fan of Mark Ruffalo and you look at the photos of him and his family, it’s really cute. I think he’s doing a great job.”

Thank you for the kind words, @ambermidthunder! I liked what you said about indigenous peoples who don’t feel the need to be small, ask for permission or “let” find their rightful place. You embody the spirit of the times.

Ruffalo, who has now played the Hulk in the MCU since The Avengers in 2012, has almost 21 million followers on Instagram. In addition to using his social media presence to promote his future projects, many also love the actor for his advocacy of causes such as climate change, gun reform, women’s reproductive rights, and more. Although Midthunder’s presence on social media is small compared to him, the actor loudly stated the importance of Prey in terms of indigenous representation in Hollywood, which is obviously consistent with Ruffalo’s own socially conscious thinking.

Since “Loot” has become a big hit with viewers, it’s likely that Midtander will start to see additional acting opportunities that will potentially open the door for a collaboration with Ruffalo at some point in the future. Now that the Hulk star and Midtander are friends on social media and their social values seem to coincide, a film that allows them to work side by side could be an exciting proposition. It remains to be seen what’s next for Midthunder after Prey, but at least the Predator prequel role has led to some useful social media interactions.


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