Prey reviews agree that the prequel is a refreshing update to the Predator franchise


There have been reviews of Prey, and they more or less unanimously agree that the film is a refreshing update for the franchise. The series began 35 years ago with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Predator car, in which a huge star and a team of commandos tried to confront an alien hunter in the jungle. Since then, Predators have roamed the urban jungle of Los Angeles in Predator 2 (1990), hunted people in their home world in Predator (2010) and captured the suburbs in Predator (2018), as well as battling xenomorphs from Predator. The Alien franchise is both in Antarctica and in a small American town in the 2004 film Alien vs. Predator and its 2007 sequel.

The franchise has still found new places to develop in the new film “Prey” directed by Dan Trachtenberg, 10 Cloverfield Lane. The action of the project, which is launched exclusively on Hulu on August 5, 2022, takes place in 1719, several centuries ago, among the Comanche people. It tells the story of a young warrior named Naru (Amber Midtander), who must protect her tribe from the onslaught of a technologically advanced being. The cast also includes Dakota Beevers, Dane Dilegro, Stormy Kipp, Michelle Thrush and Julian Black Antelope, bringing to life the script of Patrick Aison, a veteran of television from Wayward Pines and Jack Ryan from Tom Clancy.

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Today, the embargo was lifted, and critics in various publications were allowed to publish their reviews of Prey just two days before its release. So far, they have almost unanimously praised the film as a refreshing new take on the established franchise. Despite the fact that they differ in their views on the features of the film, including the simple plot, in general their reviews are overwhelmingly positive, emphasizing the exciting new setting and the exciting Midthunder game. Check out the critics’ selected quotes below:

Graham Guttman, Screen Rant:

The lean action-thriller “Predator” returns “Predator” to its ultra-violent roots and has established itself as a worthy place in the mythology of the franchise.

James Dyer, Empire:

With its ferocious heroine, authentic setting of that time and a bloody series of inventive action bits (a furious flight through tall grass, a pile in the ash rain of a burnt forest, a heartbreaking collision with an evil bear), Trachtenberg film breathes new life into a long-blown series.

Kate Erbland, IndieWire:

It turns out that even the most squeezed IP— we’re talking about a TV series that was eventually forced to intersect with another action—oriented alien movie with very stupid results- can still use really smart new ideas.

Owen Gleiberman, Variety:

It is clear that even the film “Predator” can now be stylized as a lesson in how to be. But perhaps in the case of this franchise, it marks a slight improvement over the films that wanted to be nothing more than what it was before.

Tom Jorgensen, IGN:

Dan Trachtenberg’s “Prey” never gives up. It’s full of the brutality and tension characteristic of the Predator franchise, but it’s Amber Midtander’s ferocious, star-studded turn that is his greatest strength. The film’s sole focus on its main character, Naru, means that the secondary list comes out a bit wooden, but when Prey tracks a young warrior’s duel with a Predator—full of powerful images and creative murders— it rarely fails.

Carly Lane, Collider:

However, despite all the exciting dynamics of the film, this film belongs to Midtander, which she can carry on her shoulders, and she proves to be more than adept at being not only our window into this harsh and often cruel world of survival, but also a leader worthy of support until the end credits.

Frank Scheck, THR:

There’s no denying that director Dan Trachtenberg (“10 Cloverfield Lane”) has effectively gone back to basics. There is enough carnage and brutal actions to satisfy the fans of “Predator”, whose cinematic thirst for blood knows no bounds, and dramatic changes in the setting bring much-needed freshness.

At the moment, Prey has an incredible 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While that number will undoubtedly decrease as more reviews are added, it looks like the film is on track to become certified fresh on the review aggregation platform. If that were the case, it would be the first film in the franchise to receive such a distinction since the original Predator. In addition, this will be only the third film out of seven to receive a positive rating on the platform, since all other films were considered rotten, with the exception of “Predators”, which is at a comfortable 65%.

Although Predator is a cult figure of American pop culture, he has an unusually disparate franchise. By staying independent and choosing a new direction, Prey actually fits into the franchise more than one would expect. This time he’s just doing it in a way that the critics seem to really react and hopefully the audience will feel the same way.


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