Prey Delivers the Biggest Premiere on Hulu


The new prequel Predator Prey has received positive reviews over the past few weeks since its debut. Last weekend it was finally released on Hulu, and now it has become the most popular streaming service premiere of all time.

After decades of critical failures and commercial failures, Prey has finally earned the respect of the Predator franchise. This movie is a prequel in which a bloodthirsty alien fights face-to-face with a young Comanche woman on the Great Plains of 1719. , and sequences of actions.

The news about the record premiere of Prey was announced by Disney, the majority owner of Hulu. Prey became the most watched movie or TV show premiere of all time on Hulu, as well as the most watched movie premiere on Star+ in Latin America and Disney Plus via Star in all other territories. Please note: Since streaming services rarely publish viewing data, this has not been confirmed by an independent source. This news came after Prey received high critical acclaim: its score on Rotten Tomatoes currently stands at 92% from critics and 80% from viewers.

Given the hype surrounding Prey and its stunning premiere, the main question at the moment is: “Why did they release it only in streaming mode?” Well, it is not surprising that this is the path chosen by the distributor of 20th Century Studios. According to an industry expert quoted by The Hollywood Reporter, sending Prey straight to streaming was probably the most logical choice given the utter failure of its 2018 predecessor, The Predator. In fact, most of the Predator sequels have had difficult premieres, so live streaming seems like a suitable pipeline for any Predator property.

Now that reviews and viewership numbers are coming in, it’s easy to say, looking back, that “Loot” would have had good box office returns. But if the movie hadn’t been planned for streaming, this probably would never have happened. Steve Esbell, head of 20th Century Studios, says that with the live broadcast, “we get more of these bats and can place more bets on new talent.” With such an original interpretation of the Predator series and almost entirely leading unknown actors, Predator would be a significant risk for the studio, especially in today’s media world, where medium-budget films almost always fail.

In addition, according to Asbell, 20th Century is contractually obligated to annually fill out a list of 10 or more original films for Hulu in genres other than those provided by Disney. Being a medium—budget project, Prey is exactly the kind of movie they contribute to Hulu. In any case, the movie has a fantastic start, and Hulu is probably over the moon that it got such a strong movie in a slow August.

Prey is available for streaming on Hulu.


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