Previously, ‘Street Woman Fighter’, Kang Daniel was appointed to be the MC of ‘Street Dance Girls Fighter’!


Showing a good performance in being a ‘pilot’ in the ‘Street Woman Fighter‘ program, Mnet again chose Kang Daniel to handle their latest program.


The ‘Street Dance Girls Fighter‘ targeting the dance crew of the high school students will continue the hype from ‘Street Woman Fighter‘ which is getting a lot of attention from the audience.

In addition, Lee Jung YGX, Gabee LACHICA, Hyojin Choi WANT, Noze WAYB, Rihey Coca n’ Butter, Honey J HolyBang, Aiki HOOK and other members will also be returning as judges and mentors.

However, until now Mnet has not ‘leaked’ the exact schedule of the broadcast of their latest program.

Have you also been waiting for Mnet’s latest program ‘Street Dance Girls Fighter‘?