Preview of the Halo Infinite Joint campaign: Four Master Chiefs Destroy Infinity


Halo Infinite finally gives players the opportunity to experience a collaborative campaign in the open world for the first time, and while watching the Master Chief’s group grapple with each other at increasing speed is great, it’s clear that the mode still needs to solve some problems. While each game in the series had linear but large and open levels, Halo Infinite decided to change the formula that the series was known for, which in turn made co-op play a more difficult element to balance.

When the Halo Infinite campaign was launched a month after the launch of the free-to-play multiplayer mode, players were happy to take control of the Master Chief again. The Chief’s final adventure takes place after the human race has been defeated, and players must collect what is left to defeat the Exiles. The game is a first-person shooter with an open world, which takes place in part of the Halo Zeta installation, where to complete the campaign it is necessary to discover enemy fortresses, upgrades, collectibles and other secrets.

Although the Halo Infinite campaign has not received any new content since its launch last December, 343 Industries has provided updates and additional content for the F2P multiplayer game. Themed events and new modes have given players unique cosmetics and hundreds of unlockable items that can be earned with a battle pass. However, many fans have been waiting for two modes that have given Halo fans hours of fun in the past.: joint campaign and forge mode. In blog posts and live developer broadcasts, 343 Industries promised fans that two modes would eventually become available for Halo Infinite. The release date of Forge mode is currently scheduled for the third season of the multiplayer game, which will begin in November 2022. However, the developers have finally given fans the opportunity to beta-test the Halo Infinite cooperative campaign.

Players registered in the Halo Insider program got the opportunity to undergo beta testing of the game’s joint campaign mode from July 15 to August 1 on both PC and Xbox consoles. Infinite’s collaborative mode does not include matchmaking or split-screen multiplayer, so players must find fellow Spartans to team up online. There are a lot of fun and funny adventures in the new mode; However, after spending a few hours with him, it becomes clear that 343 Industries still has serious problems that need to be fixed before the Halo Infinite co-op mode becomes available to everyone.

Previous save files could not be used for the Halo Infinite cooperative flight. This means that everyone had to create a new save file exclusively for the beta version. However, when teaming up with other participants, the game did not allow players to load levels that other players had not yet passed. This led to the need to restart the game from linear learning levels every time a player joined a group, unless a new player also progressed. This was a glaring problem after the game crashed or hung on the endless loading screen, which caused the participants to regroup or need to find new teammates.

After completing several missions with almost half a dozen players, it became obvious that some things were going more smoothly than others. Screen Rant personally hung up or crashed out of the game on PC a couple of times after the game failed to load the open world map of Halo Infinite. Both resets were required after the cut scene, which could be skipped, or after the death of the team, which significantly spoiled the gameplay. However, several other players stated that they had almost no problems when trying to use the cooperative mode. Developer 343 Industries hopes that participants will report bugs they have encountered through Halo Waypoint so that these issues can be fixed before the Halo Infinite collaborative campaign becomes available to all players.

When the campaign was first launched last December, many long-time players of the series found Halo Infinite too simple. Now that players can tackle the history of the game with four Master Chiefs, the game seems even easier, even on the most difficult legendary difficulty. The beta build did not increase the number of Halo Infinite enemies or improve their AI to compensate for the larger number of players. The addition of skulls and the search for super-powered weapons have increased the possibilities of mayhem that players are capable of, but without additional challenges in the game there are not many chances against a well-oiled Spartan team of four. Suppose the cooperative mode is launched without any changes to enemy forces: in this case, players will face the same problem as when they first launched the Halo Infinite campaign, and things will end quickly.