Preview of Spirittea: Demonstration of soul cleansing


Among the action and thrills of many video games, sometimes it is absolutely necessary to choose something more useful. Games like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing can create a hotbed of tranquility that players have enjoyed for years. It seems that this also applies to Spirittea from the developer Cheesemaster Games.

The action of Spirittea takes place in a charming small town with one small problem: restless spirits roam there. The player gains a spiritual advantage after drinking the titular Spirittea, and must help calm the spirits of the city by managing the bathhouse and solving some of their problems. All this time there are people, residents of the city, whom you can meet and have fun.

Playing from a top-down perspective and focusing on a cute little town full of memorable characters, it’s easy to see why Spirittea is being compared to Stardew Valley. The game uses the routine gameplay that made the ConcernedApe game so relaxing, especially when it comes to managing the bathhouse. The player needs to keep the boiler in working order, wash and dry towels, properly seat the spirits in the baths, and there is a chance that this will turn into a smooth routine, similar to running a farm in the Stardue Valley.

However, the pre-build of Spirittea also hints at more dynamic gameplay elements, such as chasing spirits around the city to talk to them. Spirittea also has a two-level vision system where the player can switch to spiritual vision to see which spirits are around and get additional interactions. This is something the player will need to keep an eye on thanks to the depletion streak, which means that the player will either need to drink more Spirittea or go to bed for the night.

Visually, Spirittea looks pretty good at this early stage. The character art is particularly impressive, with Earthbound-style sprites and some beautiful locations. Of particular note are the more complex portraits of characters that really give the inhabitants of the game world a sense of individuality.

However, Spirittea may have a more varied tone than the extremely pastoral Stardew Valley corner. Although the bathhouse and smithies seem very traditional, the city does look more modern thanks to things like a bike shop, karaoke bar and coffee shop, although it will be interesting to see how these places will be implemented in the final version. . Of course, Spirittea has a more spiritual aspect than some of its peers, for example, with a large temple on the coast.

Judging by this short demo, there will also be a lot of lighthearted humor in Spirittea to keep things running their course. There is a pleasant, cheerful edge to the dialogues, especially when it comes to conversations with spirits, while the reaction of the bathhouse and the general mood of the spirits in this situation will definitely cause a smile. It is clear that there is a lot to learn about the residents of the city, as well as hints of conversations based on relationships that will appear as a result of brief interactions in this demonstration.

We hope that wit and charm will remain the driving force when we see more of Spirittea. The characters interact with each other almost as in Undertale, feeling larger than life (literally in the case of spirits). This is most noticeable in the demo through Vonyan, a cat who acts as your main spiritual ally and initially instructs the player to return the bathhouse to working condition.

Judging by this preview, Spirittea looks good. This is a simple snapshot of a game in development, but given its charming elaboration, gameplay with juggling tasks and funny characters, it can be a very good choice for those who love an exciting life simulator.