Preview Little Nightmares II – a deliciously macabre journey


In October 2020, developer Tarsies Studios and publisher Bandai Namco made Halloween more fun with the first demo of LIttle Nightmares II, a continuation of the macabre indie game of 2017.

Even short, the build has already served to give a taste of what players could expect, and now, a second preview has been released, bringing the first two chapters of this new sinister journey, and honestly, the hype has only increased!

The nightmares that haunt childhood

It all starts with poor Mono, our new protagonist, in a forest that could be considered beautiful, if it were not full of traps, a bag with captured people, and even a cage that seems to present the remains of an unfortunate child.

Small and slight, the boy needs to move carefully to avoid a terrible death, especially when entering the Hunter’s hut responsible for the devices found in this area.

Luckily, he soon finds Six trapped in the basement, and after releasing her, he can count on his help to solve impossible puzzles for just a withered child, a very important partnership so that the two can safely cross the place and escape from the clutches. of the enemy.

With great cost, and several moments of pure tachycardia, the two manage to escape from the dark forest, ending up in a ghost town, whose only remnants of its inhabitants are clothes and shoes scattered everywhere.

But the misfortunes are just beginning, as soon they find themselves in a school worthy of anyone’s worst nightmares, with a teacher who can’t wait to devour them and bizarre students called bullies, eager to end the lives of young people .

If there’s one thing that Little Nightmares II hits the nail on the head is the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness throughout the gameplay. The enemies, the scenarios and even the available weapons are much bigger than our protagonists, giving a feeling of extreme fragility, making each advance completely agonizing.

I don’t know how many times my hands sweated and I found myself hoping not to be seen trying to sneak past the macabre creatures, and the control vibrating in sync with the little boy’s fast beating only further reinforces the anguish.


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