Preview House of Ashes: Game Bets On Insurance Not To Compromise


House of Ashes: After Man of Medan and Little Hope, the next game in The Dark Pictures Anthology series is House of Ashes, which is scheduled to release in late October. Yesterday (02), we were able to play the first hour of what is the third of the eight titles planned for the franchise and here are our first impressions.

Pazuzu desire your souls

The preview made available by the distributor begins right after the game’s prologue, in Iraq 2003 after the US Special Forces were hit by an earthquake during an operation.

I was able to control 5 characters that are Jason, Nick, Eric, Rachel and Salim, the latter being the only non-American in the group. They all have two things in common: their lives are in danger and they are in a temple filled with bizarre and deadly creatures.


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