Preview and archive feature coming to Clubhouse! What will work?


Voice chat application Clubhouse continues to be renewed. The last move of the application will provide a more efficient use.


Clubhouse, which has increased its popularity and made its name known to large masses in the past, continues to gain innovation. The social media application, which wants to bring its recently lost users back to the platform, will gain new features.

Clubhouse will be more useful with Clips and Replay

Accordingly, the sound rooms on the platform will now be able to share previews. With the new feature called Clips, creators will now be able to record 30 seconds of audio by clicking the scissors icon.

30-second audio recordings can be shared on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, iMessage and WhatsApp. With this feature, content creators will be able to easily invite more users to their chat rooms. According to the platform’s statement, starting today, certain creators can access the beta version of Clips.

It is stated that in the coming days, Clubhouse will also launch a new feature for people to share archives of past live rooms. This feature, which users can disable at will, will keep the archive of the chat room if enabled.

The feature, which Clubhouse calls Replay, is expected to be available in October. In addition to all these innovations, it is claimed that the application will also be used as a search tool.


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