Prevents your TV from generating sound from your PC


It is the most common that you want to transmit content from your computer to television. In addition, it is very simple and there are many ways to achieve it both by cable or without it. But it is also very normal to suffer a failure when mounting the screen of your PC to the television and that is that the latter does not send the audio correctly. If it has happened to you, this trick will help you solve it.

Take a look at the connection

The first thing you should check before going inside the computer is to check the connections. This recommendation is very basic, but such an obvious flaw has to be reviewed in the same way. Check that the ends of the cable are connected correctly and if this is correct that is when it is time to move on to the software part. Of course, and although it seems implausible, we recommend that you do not have either of the two devices in the active silent position. Just press a key and you will save yourself the steps to come.

If everything was well connected everything is due to some parameter of Windows 10 that is not in its position. The quickest solution is to pass the Windows troubleshooter in the audio section. In the part of Configuration> System> Sound you will have all the audio parameters, where you have to solve the problems with the output system. The other option is to go to the taskbar, select the speaker with the right click and click on the option to fix sound problems.

If everything was fine, the failure may also be close, and the TV is not selected as the output device. In this case you just have to change the output device and everything will be ready for use.

The ‘last resort’ options

As is often the case in these types of tutorials, the last thing you should check is the version of the audio drivers. These are automatically updated by the computer, but it is a matter of going through the Finder and entering the Device Manager. Then select the default audio device and update the driver.


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