Prevent your kids from chatting on Nintendo Switch


There is no doubt that Nintendo Switch has become the most popular game console since its launch. The possibility of using it as a desktop game console connected to our television and its great portability to enjoy our favorite games wherever we go are two of the main reasons for its great success. Now, there are many who fear that their children will have contact with strangers through the famous chats that many online games offer.

From Nintendo Switch it is possible to enjoy many of these titles, so if you do not want your child to have this type of contact online, we will show how to avoid this by deactivating this option through the parental control settings.

Luckily, the Nintendo platform has an app available for iOS and Android devices from which it is possible to access certain configuration settings on Nintendo Switch. Now, for this it is necessary that we register the console with the Nintendo parental control application.

Parental control on Nintendo Switch

Therefore, the first thing we have to do is activate the parental controls in the Nintendo account and install the Parental Control app for Nintendo Switch on our mobile or tablet. With the console registered, we open the app on our device and access the configuration from the option shown at the bottom of the screen. Once there, we choose the Restriction level option.

This will show us a series of preset profiles so that we can choose the one that best suits the age of our child or the restrictions that we want to apply to her profile. If we select the youngest profiles, communication with other people in online games will be disabled by default, however, there is another way to establish this restriction.

To do this, instead of choosing one of the predefined profiles, we will choose the Custom Configuration option. Next, we tap on Communicate with others and once there, we slide the switch that appears next to the Restrict communication with others option to the on position. We can see a list of the games installed on the Nintendo Switch where a switch appears next to each of them.

In this way, we can enable or disable communication restrictions with other people individually for each of the installed titles. Thus, we will be able to control more exactly in which games we allow this type of communication with other people and in which we do not.


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