Prevent your friends from seeing the sports activity


The Apple Watch is undoubtedly the benchmark smartwatch in the world of wearables. In addition to allowing us to have everything that comes to our iPhone on our own wrist, it has a lot of functions with which to control certain aspects of our health and control our workouts or physical activity.

If one of your goals is to improve your physical condition, then the clock itself can also serve to find an extra motivation to improve results. And is that the Apple Watch allows us to share our activity with friends to motivate and encourage each other.

What information we share about our activity

As confirmed by Apple itself, some of the data that is shared are calories consumed, exercise duration, steps, type of exercise performed, etc. That is, those friends with whom we share our activity through the Share activity function will be able to see all this information about us every time we go out to train.

So far so good, however, at some point, we may not want to share anything with anyone. In this case, what we have to do is proceed to deactivate this function.

How to turn off Activity Sharing on Apple Watch

Both the Activity app for the Apple Watch and the Fitness application for the iPhone allow us to share our physical or sports activity with friends in order to stay active and improve our physical condition.

If what we want is to avoid this, we can proceed to deactivate this function or delete certain friends with whom we are sharing this information so that they no longer have access to it.

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To do this, we open the Fitness app on our iPhone, enter Share and then touch on the name of the person with whom we no longer want to share this data. If we prefer, we can also do it from the Activity app of the Apple Watch by sliding our finger to the left on the clock screen and entering the Share section.

Once there, as it happens from the phone, we touch on the name of our friend and then we will be shown three options, Mute notifications, hide my activity and Delete friend. As its name suggests, the first avoids receiving notifications about that person’s medals, awards or goals achieved, the option Hide my activity allows you to continue seeing that person’s activity, but he will not be able to see ours, while Delete friend allows disable the Share Activity option.

That is, if we eliminate that friend, neither we nor he will be able to continue watching the other’s sports activity.


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