Prevent Netflix from consuming all your mobile data

It is possible that you have an application on your computer that enters the Internet. It is not very difficult, is it? But the consumption is not the same in the different devices. This is easy to understand if you think that when you are away from home you depend on mobile data, something you should look at if you watch Netflix from your mobile. For that reason, we tell you how to see the data you spend with the streaming video app.

How much data does Netflix consume on your mobile

It has never been so easy to watch your favorite series anywhere. And it is that with Internet on the mobile, having access to any content is the simplest. But before entering everything you find, you should know that your data notices it, so you must take into account how much data applications such as Netflix spend.

To do this, go to the search engine for your smartphone’s settings and find the data usage by applications. This is how you will see the consumption and, whether there is little or little left, we recommend that you follow the following steps:

Enter the Netflix application
Go to the More section
In video playback, go to Mobile data usage
Choose the option to use WiFi data
How to watch Netflix consumption on your PC

You already know how you can see the data that Netflix consumes on your smartphone. This will certainly help you to dose your data and use it when you play, although a good option is to download a couple of chapters of your favorite series and watch it later. But did you know that this can also be done on a larger device? Come on, you can see how much data your computer consumes when you watch Netflix. This is interesting for the same reason that we told you before, and that is that you may use your mobile data to see the platform.

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To check what Netflix is ​​consuming on your PC, follow these steps:

Play a series on Netflix
Activate the command Ctrl + alt + delete
Open the task manager
Look at the Network section



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