How to prevent Black Friday shopping from being a scam


How to prevent Black Friday shopping from being a scam. It is important to remember some basic principles so that acquisitions are safe.

The ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber ​​Monday’, the days of online shopping par excellence, are just around the corner and, although purchasing products on the web is the order of the day, it is worth remembering some basic principles for that are, above all, safe.

Buy on official and trusted websites and applications; use secure connections; be aware of the data we provide; Paying with a credit card – if it is specific for better ‘online’ transactions – and distrust the big bargains are some of the maximum ones to consider.

Buy yes, but not anywhere

These offers are multiplying on the internet these days, but the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD) recalls that it is “very important” to use official and / or trusted pages “with proven prestige” and secure connection, that is, the address Start with ‘https.

On the network there are clones of official pages that are difficult to detect and that can take advantage of to introduce a virus, therefore, the cybersecurity firm Entelgy recommends writing the address directly in the browser (better not to click on links) and, once more, check that ‘https’ -no’ http’- appears next to a lock symbol.

The AEPD recommends thinking about whether to buy in an online store that does not identify the data controller, his address and contact, conditions of sale, returns or claims and legal references.

The APPs are comfortable, but always the official ones

The mobile phone is increasingly used to make purchases through multiple applications (APPs) that can simplify the process, but you have to make sure that they are the official site of the purchase site, check who the developer is and assess if the information you ask us for.

The date of birth is not a good password

More and more pages and apps that require a password registration. In that case, it is best that they consist of numbers, letters and special characters, with no data that can be easily deduced (birthdays or anniversaries), and never shared.

Not only is it about having a robust password, but the Proofpoint security company advises that it not be used for more than one account and remembers the existence of password managers.

Better to wait to get home than to use a public network

If a Wi-Fi network is to be used to make a purchase, it is best to avoid those of public or free access that are not secure, through which cybercriminals can obtain the number of credit cards, passwords or bank details, That’s why it is better to use the home wifi or mobile phone network.

Payments on the web, by card, not in cash

To pay for Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday purchases, the AEPD advises to use “a credit card for exclusive use to make payments through the Internet”, although you can also use secure platforms and you should not send cash to through bank transfers.

The National Police notes on its Twitter that it is necessary to verify “regularly” that the charges in the bank account correspond to the purchases. In case of fraudulent use – indicates the AEPD – it is necessary to cancel the card, denounce it and demand the return of the charges.

Beware of unsolicited messages

Very attractive offers can be received through WhatsApp chains, social networks or email, but be careful! It can be a trap to take us to fake stores where criminals take over our data.

“You should suspect alarmist messages requesting to click on a link or download an attached file,” says the AEPD, as well as those requesting personal data, such as banking. To send commercial communications companies must have our prior consent.

No one gives ‘peststas hard’

Although during these dates the stores offer great offers, an excessive discount on items of great value are suspected of fraud, because, as the security solutions company Eset says, “sometimes, what seems impossible … is really impossible” .

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