President Erdogan: We feel sorry for those who go abroad to buy better phones and cars


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made an unexpected statement regarding the economic situation in our country. Erdogan shared that they look with pity at those who have applied abroad to get better phones and cars.
Speaking at the opening of the Etlik City Hospital today, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made an interesting statement. Speaking about investments in the healthcare sector, Erdogan continued his speech by talking about the situation of young people.

“There is not a single child in Turkey who would risk losing him.” Emphasizing the emphasis, the President shared that he would not rest until he built a developed Turkey, where every citizen would not envy anything in other countries. On the other hand, the President continued his words as follows:

“We feel sorry for those who come to other countries to get a better car and phone”

“Recently, we have seen that decorations from developed countries have been made on social networks, and efforts have been made to instill the idea that we should go there, into the subconscious of our youth. Those who are trying to portray Turkey as such are those who are sneaking up in every possible way to make the country like this.

Anatolia is perhaps the only geography where the oppressed and victims from all sides have been accepted with their human qualities for centuries. Today we welcome guests from all over the world. Everyone who goes to these lands sends us a very important message. We must know very well the value of the land on which we live. The goal of those who still adorn other countries and societies is not to do us good, but to destroy our social structure.

In particular, we look with pity at those who come to other countries only to buy a better car, a new phone and go to concerts more. We can imagine the regret that those who set out with such enthusiasm will feel when they cannot find a family or a social structure in which to take refuge.”


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