President Donald Trump and his wife caught coronavirus


US President Donald Trump announced that his advisor had quarantined himself after his coronavirus was caught. Trump announced that the coronavirus (corona virus) tests he had made with his wife were positive.

Breaking news .. US President Donald Trump and his wife Melanie Trump caught a coronavirus (corona virus). US President Trump announced on Twitter that his coronavirus tests were positive with his wife and that they went into quarantine. Trump’s advisor, who announced that the treatment was started immediately, was also coronavirus.

The tweet that US President Trump announced that he was caught in the coronavirus is as follows:

In a statement he made on his official Twitter account, Trump reminded that his advisor, Hicks, that the Kovid-19 test was positive. Stressing that Hicks was “working too hard without even a short break,” Trump described his advisor’s capture with Kovid-19 as “terrible”.

In the news that the American press based on sources close to the subject, it was stated that the Kovid-19 test that Hicks had on Thursday was positive. It was reported that Hicks was on the same plane with Trump during Trump’s visit to Ohio for the presidential debate on Tuesday.

In the program of Sean Hannity, where Trump participated on Fox television, he confirmed the news in the press that Hicks was caught in Kovid-19.

On the other hand, there are 33 days left before the presidential elections on November 3 in the USA. The question of whether the elections will be postponed after Trump’s coronavirus was also aroused.

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