Preparing AR content for Apple TV Plus programs


Apple is preparing to offer augmented reality (AR) content as a bonus for its TV Plus programs next year. According to the news published in Bloomberg with the signature of Mark Gurman; Characters or objects from TV Plus programs can be placed around users via phones or tablets.

It is said that the aim of the Cupertino-based company is more than adding value to the TV Plus service. It is claimed that Apple wants to make AR content more attractive before the spoken AR title will be released in 2022.

There is also an exemplary narrative for Apple’s plan in Bloomberg’s report. For example; A virtual spacecraft can be seen in the middle of the hall while watching For All Mankind, Apple TV Plus’s series about the discovery of the Moon. It is stated that the feature in question is planned for 2020 under normal conditions, but the coronavirus epidemic has affected the content and software development process.

It is known that Apple is looking for ways to increase the popularity of TV Plus. The Cupertino-based company is said to want to increase TV Plus’s subscribers by launching a fitness app or offering a package that includes Apple Music, Arcade, and News Plus. It is stated that this package can be presented to users under the name Apple One. It can be said that AR content can be particularly useful for educational programs.

With the AR content he prepared for Apple TV Plus, he can also give his users a clue about what they will offer later. The company is expected to offer gaming, entertainment and communication opportunities with the AR title, which is expected to be released in 2022.

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