“Prepare to lose him” Bartomeu makes it very clear


The thing gets tense. Pep Guardiola is in his fourth year at Manchester City and has never run the same club in his fifth season. The Spaniard is hired until 2021 and has suggested he would be willing to extend his contract. Something unusual at least but it seems that the coach is comfortable in the English club. Who was going to say it!

At the moment Guardiola has won two Premier League titles at Manchester, but has not yet achieved success in the Champions League with the Etihad club. That resists him a little.

But even with everything, the exit could end up occurring and the club is aware of this and is already in the process of probing possible future replacements, so far everything that is sought, officially, is a kind of number two. The selected candidate will work closely with the medical and fitness departments for the moment – not to step on Guardiola’s fingers – before quickly climbing the ladder in case the Spanish leaves. These types of “plans b” are not uncommon in football, since it is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to plan for the worst case scenario, in order to ensure a smooth transition.

But if there is someone rubbing their hands with this matter, that is undoubtedly the director of the previous Pep club, Bartomeu. Who admitted at a press conference that the club door is always open for him, often stick to poor Ernesto Valverde, but you know, in football little or nothing matters feelings. The story did not stop there, Bartomeu, launched an offensive to the team of the master, assured them to prepare to lose him very soon. How things should be clear and to the face.


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