Prens Harry, Dancing with the Stars in the United Kingdom


Prince Harry took part in Dancing with the Stars in the UK in his own way as you can see in an amazing video that got a stir.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle angry with Prince William? The new reason for their argument has been revealed. Since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex officially left their duties with the royal family to move to California, United States, the wildest rumors have been circulating about them. Yet the one who became the daddy of an adorable little boy named Archie always kept the UK in his heart, as well as his close friends, as he proved in an incredible video that caused a stir. Indeed, the latter participated in his own way on November 14, 2020 in Strictly Come Dancing, the British version of Dancing with the stars, by sending encouragement to one of the participants.

Prince Harry made a point of making a video call to John-James Chalmers, who was injured in Afghanistan in 2011 and who won a medal at the first edition of the Invictus Games, a competition that was created by Lady Diana’s son in 2014 to honor wounded and disabled soldiers and war veterans. “When I first met JJ, he was just a shadow of himself. But then seeing you shine at Invictus and become yourself again was the start of an incredible adventure” a he explained at first before making fun of the apprentice dancer’s shorts. He then added: “I am so proud, sincerely proud that you are in this position now. You are not a dancer, which proves that you can achieve whatever you do, which is wonderful.” Words that have touched the principal concerned a lot … Meanwhile, Prince Charles could be ready to oust certain members of the royal family when he is crowned according to the latest revelations.


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