Premium Subscribers Will Test YouTube’s Features


Google made the decision to offer YouTube’s experimental features to YouTube Premium members first. Although the reason for this decision is unknown, Google made all three new YouTube experimental features observable until October 20, without measuring users’ reactions.

US-based technology giant Google made an important decision for YouTube Premium users. With this decision made by the company, only YouTube Premium users will be able to experience experimental YouTube features from now on. So the upcoming new features will be experienced by YouTube Premium users first from now on.

It is currently unknown why Google made such a decision. Before the company made its new decision, it randomly selected YouTube users and tested new features with these users. But from now on, YouTube Premium subscribers will be given priority. Google announced this decision on its website for experimental features.

There are different opinions about why Google made such a decision. For example, it is not uncommon to believe that Google is using such a method to gain more YouTube Premium subscribers. Perhaps Google made such a decision because it thinks YouTube’s experimental features have not been adequately tested. Unfortunately, it is not possible for this issue to be clarified without Google making a statement.

Meanwhile, Google has also made available three experimental features of YouTube. These features include the picture-in-picture feature in iOS 14 and the use of audio when searching for video via Chrome. According to Google’s statements, these experimental features can be experienced until October 20.

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